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Shanika Mills: Laburnum Elementary
"If you have a question, Ms. Mills has the answer. She is an office manager, registrar, counselor, administrator and more." Thank you for all you do, Shanika Mills, to make a positive difference and move HCPS forward!


school nutrition services
School Nutrition Services HCPS provides breakfast and lunch options to all students. By federal and state regulations, all meals are required by to meet specific nutritional requirements.
HCPS bus driver
Transportation HCPS’ Pupil Transportation Department is critical to public education in Henrico County, and helps enhance the educational opportunities of all the division’s students. We serve Henrico County families through communication, collaboration, and strong and interdependent working relationships.
Students engaged in activity on laptop.
HEF Henrico Education Foundation (HEF) is an independent nonprofit organization in collaborative partnership with HCPS that dedicated to identifying and developing transformational initiatives that improve school performance and lead to student success.
Graduation ceremony with graduates celebrating.
Destination 2025 What is HCPS doing well? What could it do better? And what do we want the school division to look like in 2025? Those are the questions considered by “Destination 2025: The Plan for HCPS.”
yay of the day
Yay of the Day Has an HCPS staff member made your day? Maybe it was a bus driver or a teacher, a school nurse, custodian or librarian. Give them a "Yay!" Each recipient will be recognized by Superintendent Amy Cashwell and featured on our social media platforms.
Woman asking question at Bridge Builders Academy session
Bridge Builders Academy HCPS’ Bridge Builders Academy features virtual gatherings and discussions with experts on a host of topics, designed to connect you, our families, with information you need.