Henrico County Public Schools puts the safety of its students and staff first. Even with multifaceted safety plans in place, the school division continuously explores new resources, technologies and best practices to support and maintain schools and campuses that are both secure and conducive to learning. 

As part of HCPS’ ongoing security efforts, the division is adding weapon scanners to the student arrival process at K-12 school campuses. The scanners are similar to the ones you may see at amusement parks, concerts or large sporting events.

Understandably, students, employees and families may have questions about how the scanners work and why they are being added to safety plans now. Unfortunately, societal changes, national increases in crime involving youth and escalating student behavior make school safety more important than ever. The decision to install scanners was made after months of research, field testing of different technologies, and gathering community input to support our shared goal of maintaining safe and welcoming school environments.

In the Event of an Emergency

In case of an emergency, it is natural to want to take action. However, it is imperative that you:

  • Do not go to the school unless you are contacted by school authorities and asked to do so. Going to the school during an emergency will interfere with the ability of emergency service vehicles to get into and out of the school zone and may compromise the safety of everyone involved in the emergency.

  • Do not call the school. It is essential to keep phone lines open so school officials can make outgoing emergency calls. If students are ill or injured, the parents of those students will be notified first. Updates will be made to your emergency contact phone number. Current information may also be posted at HCPS website or to the HCPS Facebook or Twitter pages.

HCPS has a strong partnership with Henrico County’s divisions of PoliceFire and Emergency Services, and those resources are mobilized whenever needed. 

See the “Crisis Preparedness: Parents and School Emergencies Handbook” for detailed information and instructions for emergencies.

Contact Information

John Casullo
HCPS Director of School Safety
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Katie Moorman
HCPS Assistant Director of School Safety
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A.J. Wrighten
Safety Specialist
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Mike Cash
Safety Specialist
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Safety Specialist
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