Middle School Centers for Innovation

Expanding on the exciting and challenging learning opportunities available to all Henrico County middle school students, the Centers for Innovation provide a platform for students to unleash their creativity, engage in hands-on projects, and explore exciting career paths in business and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Thanks to a special collaboration with VCU’s da Vinci Center for Innovation, as well as various businesses and community groups, students will learn directly from experts in the field. They will also build the skills and passion they need for STEM careers in areas like creating content, starting their own businesses, working with data, keeping information secure, engineering AI and providing health care services, among other possibilities.

The Centers for Innovation will open first at John Rolfe Middle School in the 2024-25 school year and then at Quioccasin Middle School in 2026-27. Students from all over the county have the chance to apply to one of the Centers based on their zoned middle school. Students will be selected through a lottery admission process.

Center for Innovation at John Rolfe Middle School

  • Brookland Middle School

  • Elko Middle School

  • Fairfield Middle School

  • George Moody Middle School

  • John Rolfe Middle School

  • L. Douglas Wilder Middle School

Center for Innovation at Quioccasin Middle School

  • Holman Middle School

  • Hungary Creek Middle School

  • Pocahontas Middle School

  • Quioccasin Middle School

  • Short Pump Middle School

  • Tuckahoe Middle School

Characteristics of a Center for Innovation Student

Students at the Centers for Innovation are:

  • Empathetic, creative and critical thinkers.

  • Interested in business, entrepreneurship and STEM.

  • Collaborators and communicators who enjoy “learning by doing.” 

  • Inquisitive about career opportunities.

The Centers for Innovation are an exciting option for middle school students who may also have an interest in attending a specialty center or Advanced Career Education (ACE) Center in high school.


Nov. 17, 2023

Henrico County Public Schools is ushering in a new era of exciting and rigorous learning for middle school students with two new middle school Centers for Innovation. Developed in collaboration with VCU’s da Vinci Center for Innovation, these centers provide a dynamic learning opportunity for students to unleash their creativity, engage in hands-on projects and explore promising career paths in business and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Learn more with this Bridge Builders Academy Information, Access and Opportunities virtual session held Nov. 15. HCPS leaders go over the details and answer questions about this exciting new partnership.

Learning Strand: Information, Access and Opportunities

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